1/8 BJD dolls, Child, Girl, Kawaii, Spring

Mei ♥

Mei, my first 1/8 BJD doll creation:

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Mei is a 15cm elf, as seen in the images, her eyes are dark as night and her hair is light as day. His attire, typical of his kind and of course, loves nature. It has been created meticulously and with the best materials: resin for the body and the head, synthetic fiber of high quality for the hair, thick glass for the eyes and cotton for the suit.

For more information, visit Mei at:

-> Ebay

-> Etsy

Until next time! 🙂

Nia ♥

1/3 BJD dolls, Fantasy, Girl

Gina ♥

Hello! Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Gina, my first BJD creation of size 1/3.

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Gina, it’s my second resin BJD creation, this time 1/3 size (60 cm). As you can see, she is an elf and wears an elegant attire of white color and a long wig of silver color. Her eyes are green and his skin whitish.

I hope you like it!! 🙂


You can find purchase links through my stores on Ebay and Etsy:

Gina (Ebay)

Gina (Etsy)


Until the next time!
Nia ♥
1/6 Bjd Dolls, Adult, Girl

Ami ♥

Ami! My new 1/6 BJD doll creation 🙂

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Yes, she’s wearing the same set as Ayumi! 😀

Ami has one blue and one gray eye and her hair, smooth and silver.


For a more detailed description, visit to Ami through Etsy or Ebay:

>CLICK HERE< to visit to Ami through Etsy

>CLICK HERE< to visit to Ami throught Ebay

I hope you like it! ^^



1/6 Bjd Dolls

♥ New photo session of Midori and Hayami!

Today, I have the pleasure of presenting you with this new photo session of Midori and Hayami. I hope you love them! 🙂

♥ Midori ↓

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♥ Hayami ↓

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Remember that both Midori and Hayami are available for sale on Ebay and Etsy:

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-> Click >Here< to buy Midori by Ebay

-> Click >Here< to buy Hayami by Etsy

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Nia ♥ 

1/6 Bjd Dolls

Ayumi ♥


Here is Ayumi! My new BJD creation 🙂


With beautiful brown eyes, long hair and a beautiful vintage pink dress with white details.


The meaning of his name is «wonderful» ♥


Ayumi is for sale on Etsy and Ebay:

-> Click >Here< to by Ayumi by Etsy

-> Click >Here< to buy Ayumi by Ebay

There you will find more pictures of Ayumi and a detailed description.


If you liked Ayumi I recommend you take a look at my stores:

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I hope you like it! ^^




1/6 Bjd Dolls, Adult, Gothic, Lolita

Hayami ♥


Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Hayami, one of my new creations of dolls!


Dress up a gothic costume, specifically «Gothic Lolita», based on Victorian style, with long blond hair, discreet dark makeup and gray eyes.


The meaning of Hayami name is «beautiful and unusual beauty» ♥



I hope you liked it! ^^

Hayami is for sale both on Etsy and Ebay:

♥ Click Here to buy Hayami by Etsy ♥

♥ Click Here to buy Hayami by Ebay ♥

In my store you will find all the dolls I have for sale, more images and description of each one in detail.

♥ My Etsy Store ♥

My Ebay Store ♥


Nia ♥

1/6 Bjd Dolls, Girl, Spring, Teen

Midori! ♥

My new BDJ doll creation!

¡Mi nueva creación muñeca BJD!


I present to you Midori, new handmade BJD doll 1/6 with manufacture in Spain.

· Description in detail:

– Body: fully articulated with realistic chest, buttocks and hands. Feet prepared for high-heeled shoes. Material: high quality hard plastic.

– Head: light and realistic touch. Material: rubber

– Wig: peach colored and slightly larger than usual size to provide volume in the head. Material: high quality synthetic fiber. It supports washing and high temperatures.

– Eyes: Clear and realistic color. Material: high quality hard plastic.

– Makeup: Hand made with acrylic materials.

– Attire: dress and stockings sewn to machine with maximum precision. Materials: lace, gauze, cotton and polyester. Velcro closure sewn.


Os presento a Midori, nueva muñeca BJD 1/6 artesanal con fabricación en España.

· Descripción al detalle:

– Cuerpo: totalmente articulado con pecho, glúteos y manos realistas. Pies preparados para zapatos de tacón. Material: plástico duro de alta calidad.

– Cabeza: ligera y de tacto realista. Material: goma.

– Peluca: de color melocotón y tamaño ligeramente más grande de lo habitual para proporcionar volúmen en la cabeza. Material: fibra sintética de alta calidad. Soporta lavados y altas temperaturas.

– Ojos: De color nítido y realista. Material: plástico duro de alta calidad.

– Maquillaje: Realizado a mano con materiales acrílicos.

– Atuendo: vestido y medias cosidos a máquina con máxima precisión. Materiales: encaje, gasa, algodón y poliéster. Cierre con velcro cosido.


I hope you like it! 🙂 Greatings!

¡Espero que os guste! ¡Saludos!

Nia ♥




Purchase link through Ebay: >Click Here<

(Domestic shipments only)

Enlace de compra a través de Ebay: >Click Aquí<

(Envíos nacionales solamente)

1/4 Bjd Dolls, Adult, Girl, Kawaii, Summer

Kyaru ♥


It is my pleasure to introduce you, Kyaru, my first 1/4 doll.

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Kyaru is a 1/4 bjd doll, with white skin, blue crystal eyes, and long peach hair (kanekalon wig).

She’s wearing a cute cotton bikini, silk imitation handkerchief and a straw hat.

Is not she adorable? *-*

I hope you liked it! See you in the next post! Regards !! ♥

· Buy it on Ebay:

Click Here  ♥

1/6 Bjd Dolls, Adult, Glam

Yukiko ♥

Today, I have the pleasure to show you my second doll creation! 🐱


Yukiko is an adult 1/6 bjd doll, with a large kanekalon white wig and gorgeous makeup


The eyes are glitter purple and aquamarine blue and she have the nails painted!!



She’s wearing a violet glam dress and a cute shoes!!

Is not beautiful? ♥-♥

Unfortunately Yukiko is not for sale, but the next doll will be! In a few weeks I’ll introduce you.

I hope you liked this presentation, have a good day!!

Best regards,

Nia ♥