1/6 Bjd Dolls, Girl, Kawaii, Teen

Sakura ♥

I am delighted to introduce you to Sakura, my first doll creation:


Sakura is a 1/6 bjd doll, with large kanekalon pink wig, big ribbon and kawaii cotton clothes.


It doll took me a lot of effort to do it since it was the first time I made one, apart the clothes I sewed by hand and the makeup was completely improvised! Haha


I have a lot of affection and appreciation to this doll, for that reason it is not for sale!…

I hope you have enjoyed this presentation! ^-^







1/6 Bjd Dolls

Hello!! ♥

Hello everyone! This is my first post! To start, I will introduce myself, I am Nia and I am a passionate Asian culture, one of my great hobbies is the creation of BJD dolls (in the section about ↑ I explain what it is) and to that I want to dedicate this blog. In it I want to show you my creations, most of them will be available for sale, but others such as Sakura and Yukiko will not (later I will present them = ^^ =), I accept suggestions and orders through Ebay (soon to provide the corresponding link ). Whether you know this world or not, I invite you to follow me on my social networks:

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There will be sweepstakes among the first ones that follow me both on Twitter and on my Facebook page !! Do not wait any longer, you’re all welcome !! ♥